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Newsletter 02 / December 2017.
Newsletter 01 (Dutch) / December 2016.

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‘The number tells the tale’ is a common saying. We at Ducornex stick by it.

New measuring room facilitates efficient and accurate production process.

Recently our measuring room has moved and has been drastically updated. We now have more space for our measurement equipment. It was desperately needed because size and equipment are increasing in size. Our measuring technology and the quality of your products is now, and in the future, (even) more accurate. That’s also the reason why our measuring room is an inseparable part of the overall production process.

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Broaching machines are a huge time saver

Recently, we acquired tools to cross internal splines or keyways at the lathe.

The advantage of this tool is that it is not a heavy load, compared with conventional lathe stings, and that the product remains in the same clamping as during the turning process.

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Beautiful surface axes thanks to new Baublies machine

We have invested in a new Baublies machine.

This machine squashes a low roughness value. For example, this machine is ideal for finishing piston rods so we can achieve a high surface quality. Diameter range from 3 to 35 mm.

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Working with the Gildemeister CTX Beta 1250 TC, a real-life story!

Ducornex discovers new opportunities…

Since September 2013 Ducornex owns a new lathe, the Gildemeister DMG Mori CTX Beta 1250 TC 4a. This is an advanced, high-precision turning machine with a fully fledged milling spindle, a 120 piece HSK 63 tool magazine, turret slide with Y-axis, sub spindle, robot loader and many other features. Working with this lathe is a delight, considering the variations are almost limitless.

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Large and small…

We manufacture various sizes and we offer tailor-made advice…

This picture shows you that we are capable of manufacturing various product sizes.

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Quality and maintenance…

All Ducornex machines are very well maintained…

Because we do not like inconvenient and unexpected surprises during the production process, we maintain our machines periodically.

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