Working with the Gildemeister CTX Beta 1250 TC, a real-life story!

Ducornex discovers new opportunities…

Since September 2013 Ducornex owns a new lathe, the Gildemeister DMG Mori CTX Beta 1250 TC 4a. This is an advanced, high-precision turning machine with a fully fledged milling spindle, a 120 piece HSK 63 tool magazine, turret slide with Y-axis, sub spindle, robot loader and many other features. Working with this lathe is a delight, considering the variations are almost limitless.

The project for which we purchased this machine is meeting and exceeding all expectations. We are still discovering variations and possibilities that the manufacturer wants to know about, so that they can include our feedback in their machine specifications.

The Gildemeister arrives at our location in Etten-Leur

Getting started with the Gildemeister…

With our German partner we manufacture driving components for the innovative engine technology, for example piston rods, cilinders and driving axles for bulldozers and tractors. Unique is that the spline hobbing on these components, internally as well as externally, are made in only one cycle, which saves a lot of time. Do you manufacture similar components and are you interested in serial manufacturing of these components? Perhaps this innovation can be interesting for you too. Please feel free to contact us without any obligations. Ducornex is at your service.

Spline hobbing model made in only one cycle.

Even quicker and safer due to robot loading…

The CTX Beta 1250 TC is now equipped with robot loading, making it safer and more efficient to use the lathe for various projects.

Efficient robot loader in action